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Beautiful large raw Amethyst from Brazil, Rose quartz from Madagascar and rock crystal crystal from Tibet.

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The golden triangle is often used in a high energy environment, in meditation and when using mediumship.


It is common in an environment where people live together that the energies are in flux. This speaks for itself because every person brings his own energy management and these are all different. Of course this clashes every now and then. The golden triangle of gemstones can really help with this, when the Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Rock Crystal are placed in a triangle   a positive energy flow is created that benefits everything. You will notice that the mood in the house will improve.  Using the triangle, the energies of the stones will link together and the whole house will be supplied with positive energy. energy pathways that will dissolve the various negative energies, making living together a lot more pleasant.
Unwind and rebalance with the power of this “golden triangle” 

Raw Golden Triangle with description and organza bag, pick up

SKU: 001
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