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15 minutes Anti-Stress Meditation


Meditation is not floaty, it is scientifically proven that it makes you more relaxed!


Meditating at work is giving yourself some time-out to calm your mind  and optimize your productivity again. You will notice, when you make meditation  your own, daily tensions from work and/or home become less and less. This increases your energy and vitality  more and more. When you experience stress, you breathe faster and shallower, your body uses more energy. This results in fatigue, making  less able to record or handle. This is much more stressful and will not benefit your productivity. This is a gradual process and because of this  you don't notice what it does to your body.


You know what's so great about meditation?

You can do it anywhere, you can make it as long as you want, you can keep your clothes on, you don't have to move with it (like yoga) you can sit down or you go short walk. All it takes is indicate for yourself that it's me-time now. 

Relieve stress - 15 min

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